2016-02-03 03.34.07Welcome to my blog for the 2016 Australian Federal Election.

I’m standing as a Queensland Senate Candidate for the Pirate Party Australia, and I figured it was probably a good idea to have somewhere where I could talk about policies and issues somewhat more informally as they come up, or more importantly if they don’t come up prior to the election on July 2.

My background is in law, but before you roll your eyes at the idea of another lawyer entering politics, I’m a Community Lawyer. For the better part of the last decade I’ve been working or volunteering as a solicitor for Community Legal Centres in South East Queensland; if a person can’t afford a lawyer, they come to see me and I help them out as best I can. This has been a great way to use the law to help people and the wider community.

I joined the Pirate Party Australia when it first formed in 2009, as I wanted to be on the ground floor of a new political party that had policies I could agree to without compromise. We’ve expanded our policy base since then; you can check them out here. We’re also always drafting new policies, I’m personally involved in the Domestic Violence and Prison Reform policy areas.

The only really pirate-themed thing I can add to my bio is that I’ve been a fencer for the better part of 20 years. Aside from that I practice archery, devour a lot of sci-fi and fantasy media, enjoy my video games, occasionally write under various nom de plumes, and my cooking skills are a work in progress.

You can see my official candidate bio here, find me on Twitter here and Facebook here.

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