Not quite a declaration of principles

TL;DR version: I’m running for the senate, please vote for me and volunteer to help if you can.
Full version: Those who’ve known me for a while know that I’ve become increasingly frustrated with politics in Australia over the last few years. I feel that both major parties have continually mislead the public and not been held to account for their words or their actions.
I had considered running for office in a few elections time, but this Double Dissolution Election presented us with a unique opportunity. So, I’m formally announcing my candidacy for the Federal Senate.
I have no illusions as to my chances, but I didn’t feel I could ask people to step up to oppose the problems we have in Australia if I wasn’t willing to do it myself. But if I can convince enough people that the current system is flawed and that we need to break it by trying something new and voting for someone other than the ALP or the LNP, that’ll be enough.
I could use your help though. We need volunteers for the campaign and we need funds.
If you want to volunteer and you’re in Queensland, you can contact me directly or sign up here.
if you want to donate, you can do that here.
Finally, if you want to do the responsible thing and check out the Pirate Party Australia Platform and policies rather than just vote for me blindly, you can read them all here.
Thank you.

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